New Product Range

Cleans up to 1400m2 in 60 minutes.*

*areas with no or few obstacles


The future is robotic

Bidvest “Labs” is proud to bring the first fully-autonomous cleaning robot to South African shores.

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Robotic is the #1 product of its kind in the world, and currently successfully deployed at some of the planet’s biggest companies, including Siemens and Volkswagen.

Robotic can be deployed where cleanness and hygiene really matter and it has to be cleaned cost-effectively.

Equipped with a unique patented navigation system, three cleaning brushes (or pads) and a suction unit, Robotic scrubs and vacuums independently and highly efficiently whenever you want

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Perfect navigation, even in complex environments

Robotic is suitable for thorough and consistent cleaning of supermarkets, shopping malls, open space offices, showrooms, large corridors, factory buildings, warehouses, halls and large airport spaces

Key Statistics

  • Working width 66 cm
  • Working width suction cup 87 cm
  • Maximum running time 3.5 h
  • Battery capacity 2x 12 V / 96 Ah
  • Battery tension 24 V
  • Cleaning speed 0.6 m/s
  • Fresh and dark water tank 45l
  • Weight incl. Batteries 260 kg

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The future of cleaning Technology

This is the droid you've been waiting for

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